With its variety of disciplines and training structures, international equestrian sport is comparable to top-class sport. The importance of altitude training for horse racing has systematically expanded your path to success since 2016. A large part of the biological adaptations and methodological possibilities that have long been used in the human area are also relevant in the training of horses. LOXY has built up its own competence with the LOXYHORSE product line and, as a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION, also accompanies the planning and construction of training and rehabilitation areas for horses. The world's largest projects for altitude training with horses were developed by LOXY.


The possibility of ensuring and improving fire prevention through oxygen-reduced room atmospheres has long been known. Thanks to the technology from LOXY, what is new is that rooms and areas can be made completely fire-proof without people having to leave the room. In particular for server rooms, IT centres, art collections, art warehouses and rooms with high fire loads in production and industry can benefit from this.