Elite sport

For decades, altitude training has been part of everyday life in modern elite sports. The possibility that high-altitude climate can follow the biological development and the individual adaptation is an absolute specialty of the LOXY technology.
Methodological highlights:
  • Variable adjustment of the height to the biological reactions in the organism
  • Reduction of stress on tendons, ligaments and joints
  • Maintaining a high level of aerobic performance fundamentals during competition time
  • Elimination of time and diet changes
  • Use of altitude for faster regeneration
  • Preparation of competitions or training phases at natural height
  • Performance diagnostics under altitude
  • More efficient use of oxygen in the stressed muscle cell
  • Economization of the cardiovascular system
  • Faster rehabilitation after injuries


High-altitude tourism and mountaineering represent a dynamically growing tourism development. The importance of good pre-acclimatization is the focus of high-altitude tourists and tour operators alike. You want to reward yourself for the cost-intensive travel experience by achieving set goals. A growing number of tourists recognize that it is more expensive to do so. With LOXY, the possibilities in the lowlands expand many times over every year.