LOXYBOX combines the advantages of LOXY technology with an optimal area concept for variable use of altitude climates up to 6000m. Energetic efficiency and infinitely variable heights offer everything needed for individual health and performance management.

The modules are individually equipped to a high standard depending on the area of ​​application and customer requirements and can be expanded.

LOXY also offers application programs for therapy and sports training upon request. LOXY plans, delivers and builds the LoxyBOX from a single source. 24/7 online monitoring and service are standard. The entire technology can also be controlled mobile via tablet or mobile phone.


The LoxyBOX offers quick construction, geographical independence and usability of the high-altitude climate even without the availability of existing buildings suitable for expanding the high-altitude technology.

Based on a footprint of approximately 7.42m x 2.50m, the individual modules of the LoxyBOX are not only economically transportable, but can also be combined and expanded as desired.

The modules are designed according to the most modern technical specifications and comply with the applicable EU building standards as well as the regional individual guidelines for energy efficiency and thermal insulation, equipped with underfloor heating, heat pumps and heat recovery.

Basic configuration

The LoxyBOX basically contains a technology module (Module T) for generating the artificial high-altitude climate as well as the air conditioning and ventilation technology as well as all controls, displays and sensors for monitoring the room air parameters and biofeedback.

In addition, each LoxyBOX contains a training room that is glazed on all sides with underfloor heating (Module B1 & B3), which must be equipped with training and diagnostic equipment according to the individual usage concept. The training area can be expanded by 17.1m² of training area from 31.7m² to 48.8m², 65.9m² or 83.0m² by inserting additional modules of type B2.

If desired, the LoxyBOX can be equipped with a sanitary module that includes a shower and a changing room. To additionally equip a toilet, drain pipes for wastewater are required on the property below the sanitary module.

The modular structure also includes the possibility of expanding the LoxyBOX to include individual furnished living modules, which are supplied with a high-altitude climate via the technology module. Each air-conditioned module offers space for 2 beds or double beds. Since only a nitrogen line is required to connect to the high-altitude climate, a residential module can also be placed autonomously as a separate LoxyBOX-W without direct contact to the LoxyBOX within reach of the technology module.


LoxyBOX-W4 (external technology)

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Series production
For the production of the LoxyBOX, we have modern production sites in 3 European countries that specialize in the series production of modular wooden construction to the highest quality standards.
Possible variations
In order to meet different customer and location requirements, the LoxyBOX can be produced in different versions.
Interior decoration
The interior consists of warm wooden surfaces in 2 selectable design options. If desired, the wall and ceiling surfaces can be equipped with noise-reducing wooden ribs and integrated LED strip lights.

On the inner wall there is a backlit mountain panorama, which at the same time creates atmospheric room lighting.
LoxyBOX-S   LoxyBOX-L
3-parts   5-parts
Pre-adjustable height 2,000m - 4,500m   Pre-adjustable height 2,000m- 4,500m
Training places 6   Training places 10
Dimensions (without terrace) 7.45m x 7.50m   Dimensions (without terrace) 7.45m x 12.50m
Floor space 55.9m²   Floor space 93.1m²
Training area 31.7m²   Training area 48.8m²
Height (box, without foundation) 3.50m   Height (box, without foundation) 3.50m
Height (training rooms) 2.80m   Height (training rooms) 2.80m
Shower/changing room   Shower/changing room
Air conditioning   Air conditioning
Electricity requirements (altitude & climate) 30kW   Electricity requirements (altitude & climate) 30kW